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Micro Edition (J2ME)

  • Mobile phones have revealed a noteworthy boost in recent years. Hence, future prospects flash bright for mobile phones and similar devices, because of which we share our finest shots at this juncture.

    J2ME application development has focused itself as one of the most accepted segments of the mobile application. J2ME or Java 2 Platform Micro Edition is a technology that works on small devices with restricted memory.

    This implies directing the wireless and embedded devices that are being used everywhere these days, such as PDAs or personal digital assistants, TV set-top boxes, mobile phones, printers and other consumer devices.

    Java technology is harnessed through them into standardized wireless devices. Our J2ME applications can be used directly from the J2ME environment. They are extremely user friendly. And offer support for offline and networked applications. Our proficient developers have created reusable code and modular programs that work fantastically.

    We have an extensive experience in Java applications development for a multiplicity of vertical industries and amalgamate our comprehensive Java development services with specific industry requirements. This facilitates the business in succeeding. Our Java development services are geared towards making the process execution effectual, convenient and adequate as well as formulate solutions that are flexible and attuned.

    When you look frontward to contract high quality J2ME solution for longer episodes, Jasapp seasoned team is definitely the right pick. On boasting our solutions, you would come across proficiency and ardor of our J2ME developers. You can stay linked with our developers until the project is done to your satisfaction brim.

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