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  • PhpFox is a social networking PHP script which is packed with all the capabilities that are needed for online community building that will enable any webmaster to create their very own niche social network site. Example; to create a social networking site, one needs a script to begin the site, as well as maintain it. Thus, this is when Phpfox comes into need. phpFox contains support so that the members can upload the videos to the site.

    The script can also convert videos directly into the .flv format. This allows the members to view the various videos in the Flash video player provided on the website, on just the mouse click. phpFox also allows previewing the video to either approve or reject it, as necessary. Other feature is that one may put the logo watermark through the video player, which ensures the video to remain exclusive to the site. A powerful search tool enables the viewers to find what they wish to locate, when we use phpFox. We can even limit the number of results on the site. It also lets the members order the blogs in either most talked about, Most viewed or time delineations. If one wishes to use the forums, one will be needed to introduce announcements as needed or delete, edit or create forums as necessary. With this social network script one can implement various things like offering polls, segmenting groups, running classifieds, holding quizzes, covering special events, presenting RSS feeds and even offering instant messaging and various forms of chat. The phpfox is used for implementation because phpFox products are not encrypted. One can view and edit the source code of the software and build onto an already powerful product. phpfox is a one development community which has brought all the great hacks, modules, plug-ins and themes to their clients.

    Way Jasapp works with phpFox Framework:

    • We install the script straightforward with a self running installer requiring the standard details like database details, passwords etc.

    • For developing a social networking site we prefer leveraging Web2.0

    • We have webmasters who understand the phpfox code and do lot of work with phpFox. They deal with the complex classes and extreme object orientation of the script.

    • We download plug-in as per the requirement.

    • Improved application functionality due to inherent stability of open source codes

    • We believe in making use of the best infrastructure, software and technology.

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