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PPC Campaign Management

  • What is Pay Per Click Management?

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Management service permits your site, with some particularly chosen keywords, to be advertised on the search results page of a search engine, when the similar keywords are punched in by a viewer, performing a search.

    These particular keywords are selected by the advertiser, before placing the advertisement on the search engine, as this ensures the relevant reader traffic to his/ her site. Google and Overture are the two largest and main search engines used for PPC management.

    The results are shown in the form of a website advertisement, with a predefined title, body and a URL of your website, in the section of sponsored links, either on the right or the top of the search result page.

    In this practice, you pay a fee every time a viewer clicks on to your website ad which you have placed in some particular search engine's results. The more you bid or agree to pay per click for your advertisement, the more effective and escalated will be the ranking of your ad in the paid search results. If managed wisely, this practice can give you the highest return on your investments.

    Benefits of Pay Per Click Management

    Pay Per Click Management makes your ad campaigns cost effective and targeted . The option of choosing the choice of country and language in which you want the website ad to be displayed in, makes your ad appear on only those countries and in only those languages. For instance, you are placing an ad for children toys and want to market them in USA and UK only, so you can fill in this option and choose the country of your interest and target appropriate traffic to your ads.

    Pay Per Click Management makes your website easily accessible to your customers and viewers. By punching a particular keyword, a visitor can easily find your advertisement displayed in the search results page. He does not have to scan trough irrelevant websites to get to an appropriate one.

    With Pay Per Click Management, you can see instant results and a quick boost in your sales for minimum cost through search engines. As soon as you open an account and place a minimum amount in it, you can see your ad being displayed in the sponsored links.

    You can decide your own budget and also, how much you want to invest for your site advertising. It is up to you as to what limit you keep for your account and how much you want to bid for an ad in the sponsored links.

    Pay Per Click Management also helps you by increasing the conversion rate of your website. This process undergoes a systematic strategy of choosing appropriate keywords, target country and language and a profitable bid to decide what you would be paying per click. This in turn, increases your Return on Investment (ROI) and also escalates the conversion rate of your website visitors to customers.

    How can we help you?

    A successful pay-per-click campaign offers amazing results leading to brand development, but if you're unable to manage your ad campaigns cost-effectively, its time you opted for PPC management.

    At Jasapp, we assure you quick and maximum visibility of your website advertisement by increasing the rate of conversion of visitors to customers, at the lowest possible cost. We go in for in depth analysis of your services/products, by choosing the appropriate and suitable keywords for your website advertisement, building brand presence by strategizing and monitoring your bids for these ads. All this helps us in ensuring the success of your campaign, website and eventually your products or services.

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