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SaaS Application Solutions

  • In the recent times, SaaS based applications are proven to be about 30% more cost-effective than their traditional counterpart across all industries worldwide. Building an industry specific application can significantly affect the ROI of a company in a positive way.

    There is no limit to customization of the SaaS application. This way you pay for only what you need and use. On demand scalability and multi-tenancy permits easy and smooth business operations.

    Why a bespoke SaaS application?

    1. One size doesn't have to fit all:

    To meet the unique requirements of the business, tailor-made SaaS applications work wonders. The company benefits not only on the grounds of superior ease of operations but also it can up its efficiency, productivity and hence ROI. Traditional applications come with a baggage of licensing fees, maintenance and upgradation hassles; require technical support staff and lacks concrete provisions for data security. A well-developed SaaS application is a silver bullet for all the shortcomings of traditional applications.

    2. Enlarged offerings:

    Independent Software Venders (ISV) and Hosting Service Providers (HSP) can offer SaaS based solutions along with traditional applications. This way the clients of ISVs and HSPs using traditional applications can enlarge their purchase to SaaS based solutions also, without having to switch to other venders. The ISVs and HSPs can get the loyalty of the clients and can cater to budget tight companies also.

    3. Trouble-free upgrades:

    Customization of SaaS application increases functional complexities. With the SaaS model, all the troubles of maintenance and upgradation rest in the hands of the vendor. For the end users, SaaS application is truly a turnkey application. Generally, installing new software for traditional applications the current data needs to be modified to match with the upgraded version. SaaS applications can be seamlessly upgraded at any point in time. Data security and disaster recovery assists business continuity.

    4. The next big thing:

    More and more industries seem to be embracing SaaS based solutions for a variety of reasons. Low cost of ownership of IT infrastructure, solid data security, multi-tenancy, easy and ongoing access to new features; all this and much more make SaaS application in demand across all industries globally. SaaS application can drastically raise the productivity of the company with anytime anywhere access to the required data. Real-time data serves as a solid base for imperative strategy making. By partnering experts you can be sure of a flawless SaaS application that can sky rocket the profitability of your company.

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